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Introducing a career boosting way to get to work.


Co-riding for Working Professionals

With Jibe, you can offer rides to enrich your commutes with compatible co-riders - other working professionals matched with you based on your LinkedIn® profile.

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With Jibe Catcher, you can catch rides with other business professionals while paying a fraction of what rideshare services charge for a private driver.

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Revolutionizing the daily commute!

Good for you.

Jibe matches you with other working professionals. Our members co-ride to grow their networks, boost their careers, and make new friends. All our members are on LinkedIn®.

Good for your finances.

Drivers offset their commuting costs while riders score an affordable ride to work. Ka-Ching!

Good for the environment.

We take cars off the road! Jibe conserves resources, reduces pollution, and cuts down on traffic. Everybody benefits.

On-the-fly flexibility.

Drivers decide when they want to leave. Riders decide when they want to leave. If there are co-riders going your way we will pair you up with your best match. Hop in and jibe!

Opt-in Background Check - Coming Soon!

Jibe will soon integrate identity verification and opt-in background checks for both drivers and riders using cutting edge technology developed by Serenify.


Our pricing structure is simple.

Drivers are reimbursed for every Jibe mile driven. We peg our rates to the IRS mileage reimbursement rate (currently at 54¢/mile). This number reflects the average per mile cost of operating a car (gas, maintenance, insurance, etc.). Jibe takes a 20% commission.

Riders pay 54¢/mile plus a $1 booking fee to Jibe. In the future, riders will also be able to choose an annual membership at $99 - or subscribe for just $9 per month - and elimintate all booking fees.

Billing works the same as other ridesharing apps. You'll get an email after every completed trip, weekly and monthly reimbursement reports in your account, and every Thursday we send an automatic transfer with your net earnings from the previous week straight into your bank account.

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